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About Jay Bee Manufacturing

         JAY BEE MFG., INC. was originally incorporated under the laws of the State of New York as J. B. Sedberry, Inc. on September 6, 1922. In 1934 the company moved to Franklin, Tenn. and then finally to Tyler, Texas in 1947.

         In 1971, the assets of J. B. Sedberry, Inc. was transferred to J. B. Sedberry of Texas, Inc. In 1976 the assets of J. B. Sedberry of Texas, Inc. was purchased by a new corporation, JAY BEE MFG., INC. The company has been operating continuously since 1922 and is fortunate to have a worldwide customer base.

         JAY BEE is the creator of the JAY BEE HAMMERMILL and all models designated as a ‘JAY BEE HAMMERMILL’.  JAY BEE MFG., INC. of Tyler, Texas is the exclusive owner of all rights associated with the JAY BEE HAMMERMILL.  No other company is authorized to manufacture the JAY BEE HAMMERMILL in any form.  The JAY BEE HAMMERMILL is available for sale only from JAY BEE MFG, INC. of Tyler, Texas or from an authorized reseller.

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